Wine Pairing

Summer Wine Tips

Well it’s been quite a summer in the northeast! A few tips if you are drinking Wine (or any alcoholic beverages for that matter).

  1. Pace yourself. 
  2. Yeah, drink water between beverages. Drinking water between beverages will help keep you hydrated, which is especially important on hot days. 
  3. It’s totally fine to chill all wines... yes, even reds (1/2 chill)! If you're chilling reds, you can also try a sangria! It's easy to make and a great drink to cool down with.  
  4. And don’t miss out on the selection of good Rosé wines that are now available, give them a try! They go great with fish/seafood, vegetarian dishes as well as chicken and lighter meats (any kind of pork- even rich, fattier cuts), any kind of salads (be careful with the vinegar), and cheese of course!

Falafel Wine Pairing

What wine to drink with falafel?


We just had wonderful homemade falafel from a student of Kathy's... We put together the accoutrements and the tahini sauce and we drank a Chablis.. yes, Chablis!

Chablis is just above the Burgundy region in France, so it's referred to as a white burgundy at times; but more specifically, chablis. It's made from the chardonnay grape, and typically little to no oak is used/detected.

The acidity was just right for falafel — good minerality, tangy with light fruit overtones. It was magnifique!